Saturday, May 30, 2009

'scuse me while i skip away

american apparel floppy hat (which i still haven't worn because i think it makes me look like a pilgrim), zumfreed hot pink headphones, insight 'knot my head' tank, walmart acid wash denim shorts, aldo shoes (not pictured)

i think everybody goes through fashion phases. there was a time when i would only buy ruffly shirts, and then a time when i would buy crazy tights, and then a time when i only bought dresses. now i'm really into shorts. especially anything shredded or washed in acid. i think it's the '90's grunge phase kickin' it.
it's really hard to think of wearing anything that comes below my knees when it's been hitting almost 30 degrees everyday so far. my style's also been kickin' it super casual these days, which is also something new. not long ago, leaving the house in jean shorts and a tank would make me feel sloppy, but that's feeling's gone too. i guess the heat can make you do some pretty crazy things!

speaking of crazy, i hit up value village the other day (which is a huge thrift store, for those of you outside of canada). i don't mean to sound pretentious or snobby but i usually never buy anything from there. i don't have a problem with anyone who does, i just never thought it was for me. anyway, once i turned down the snooty attitude, i realized it was a pretty cool place to pick up one-of-a-kind items. 

(how i ever got a boyfriend with this hot, hot face is beyond me. bow chicka wow.)
i bought this dress straight out of the '80's. it's about 5 sizes too big, has puffy princess sleeves, shoulder pads (yes. shoulder pads.), and hits at that awkward length just below the knee that is not flattering on anyone. i do love the pattern and colour in it though, and i think it'll be a real gem once i alter it. i picked up some other sweet things at VV but i'll save those for another day. 

lots of love and dancing (because it is saturday night, after all),
-hayley xx

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  1. My acid hot shorts are never coming off.

    Blame the heat.

    You look adorable in them by the way!

    Love Grace.


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