Tuesday, September 29, 2009

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i found the most beautiful rose-covered gazebo downtown the other weekend while strolling with my boy. it's breathtaking and right out in the open but it's so well camouflaged by rosebuds that i've never seen it before.

whipped out the thigh-high boots for another stroll down the lake. i still get some looks when i wear them since this little town isn't very fashion forward haha. at least i tried to pair it with something lacy to tone down the stripper-quality of the boots. 

enjoy the autumn sunshine, my loves. see you soon.

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yumi lace dress, dollhouse over-the-knee boots

Thursday, September 24, 2009

hi loves.
i apologize in advance for the massive overload of photos your about to see and  i hope nobody's internet slows down from trying to load them all. 
this is a mix of an outfit post and a photography post, which is why there are so many photos. plus, when you sit in poison ivy while doing a photoshoot, i think one become entitled to post however many pictures one pleases, to distract them from the itching.

anyway, what a beautiful sunset we had tonight! unfortuntely, this lace blouse from f21 didn't catch the light as much as i had hoped, but it's beautiful in person. this is the skirt that my friends have seen me in 8 million times because it's the one i wear to work, to school, and to play. i love it!

have a fantastic weekend and please enjoy the sunshine for me while i sit in oatmeal baths.


f21 see-through lace blouse, la senza nude slip (underneath), urban behavior skirt, betsey johnson zipper flats, & aldo lace-up wedges

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

i heart you

obviously i've been extremely lacking in outfit posts, or even posting anything useful for that matter. i'll get better soon, once school calms down. i have so much to show all of you!

in the meantime, here's another collection of a few favourite photos. these were all found today browsing we heart it, my new inspiration website.



p.s. these images all came from different sources. to find the original source, head to weheartit.com

Monday, September 21, 2009


(above image via sabino and edited by myself)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

i hope you have a fantastic day, love :)

and for those of you who haven't already checked out her blog, please do so! it's killer!


Saturday, September 12, 2009

i must have done this balloon photoshoot at least 3 different times, trying to get the right lighting, and each time with a slightly different outfit. below are the pictures that worked the best, but i couldn't leave out the feet one at the top, so excuse the non-matching-ness of the photo posts.

this is the debut of the faux-leather motorcycle vest from h&m. so fantastic. i paired it with a lace dress, a hair flower, and some d.i.y. studded ballet flats (which i saw on bona drag and p.s. is the easiest thing to d.i.y since learning how to butter toast), so it looked a little less edgy.

thanks so much to the lovely maria over at chicisimo for featuring me on her superb blog twice in the last week now. she is super rad and her site definately deserves a long look!

stilllll (im)patiently waiting for a box of glorious new goodies from forever21 and gojane.com. you'll be the first to know when they come in.

have a fan-friggen-tastic rest of your weekend, everyone!
love you all!!!


american apparel turquoise tights and lacey socks, h&m flower hair clip, yumi lace dress, h&m rocker motorcycle vest, & d.i.y studded ballet flats.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


please kindly ignore my last post, when i talked about buyer's remorse. it doesn't exist.
and if it does, the solution is just buying more. 

cue: another pair of over-the-knee boots.
 unpractical? very. delicious? very. 
therefore, no remorse. 

have a fantastic tuesday, friends!

pop eyewear, urban outfitters dress, dollhouse over-the-knee boots

Sunday, September 6, 2009


i've gone off the deep end. with the help of my credit-card-savy bff, i've gone and spent enough on clothes and boots to last me about 6 months (or 2 weeks, because it is me, afterall). 

i finally found a pair of thigh-high boots that were so cheap and trashy, they had to be mine. and a sweet/salty military jacket from f21 that should make everyone stand at attention. lastly, on my trip to toronto, i finally picked up a perfect faux leather motorcycle vest from h&m. it's a few sizes too big but that makes it seem all the more authentic, i guess. 

i know this is all talk and no show, but i'll post pics once my life calms down.

anyway, i'm on my way to buyer's remorse hell but i'll look real fine on the way there. 

p.s. more items are being added to my shop, so keep checking back! 

pps. bye bye sweet summertime. i miss you already.

images courtesy of sabino and weheartit.com

Thursday, September 3, 2009

good news ladies!
by clicking the link above, or heading over to shopthenakedbutterfly.blogspot.com you can now shop my closet!

more items to be added daily, including shoes and accessories.


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