Sunday, September 6, 2009


i've gone off the deep end. with the help of my credit-card-savy bff, i've gone and spent enough on clothes and boots to last me about 6 months (or 2 weeks, because it is me, afterall). 

i finally found a pair of thigh-high boots that were so cheap and trashy, they had to be mine. and a sweet/salty military jacket from f21 that should make everyone stand at attention. lastly, on my trip to toronto, i finally picked up a perfect faux leather motorcycle vest from h&m. it's a few sizes too big but that makes it seem all the more authentic, i guess. 

i know this is all talk and no show, but i'll post pics once my life calms down.

anyway, i'm on my way to buyer's remorse hell but i'll look real fine on the way there. 

p.s. more items are being added to my shop, so keep checking back! 

pps. bye bye sweet summertime. i miss you already.

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