Saturday, September 12, 2009

i must have done this balloon photoshoot at least 3 different times, trying to get the right lighting, and each time with a slightly different outfit. below are the pictures that worked the best, but i couldn't leave out the feet one at the top, so excuse the non-matching-ness of the photo posts.

this is the debut of the faux-leather motorcycle vest from h&m. so fantastic. i paired it with a lace dress, a hair flower, and some d.i.y. studded ballet flats (which i saw on bona drag and p.s. is the easiest thing to d.i.y since learning how to butter toast), so it looked a little less edgy.

thanks so much to the lovely maria over at chicisimo for featuring me on her superb blog twice in the last week now. she is super rad and her site definately deserves a long look!

stilllll (im)patiently waiting for a box of glorious new goodies from forever21 and you'll be the first to know when they come in.

have a fan-friggen-tastic rest of your weekend, everyone!
love you all!!!


american apparel turquoise tights and lacey socks, h&m flower hair clip, yumi lace dress, h&m rocker motorcycle vest, & d.i.y studded ballet flats.


  1. How are your pictures so perfectly edited? I can never get it right. Ugh.

  2. Wow, your tatoo looks cool. Is it permanent?

  3. Great work on these photos. And yes, the vest is brilliant.

    Love Grace.

  4. oh i love the first one with the mismatched socks. beautifully executed

  5. i love these photos, especially the first one! =)

  6. Oh honey those ballet shoes are awesome! I am stealing that idea =)

    Cute cute blog.. I love reading it



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