Wednesday, April 29, 2009

urban myth

have you seen these new images of south korean-based photographer/filmaker, Hasisi Park on if not, check them out now! 

they totally remind me of summer, with the bright colours, hazy lights, and pretty blossoms. even though it's not your typical high fashion photography, it's exactly how i would document killer clothes.

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Monday, April 27, 2009

bye bye birdie.

this little butterfly is flying away for the next couple of weeks. i've been kind of lame lately, laying in bed with some sort of mystery illness, so sorry for the lack of posts! 

i'll try and keep you updated as i jetset to edmonton, alberta, and then back home to toronto for a bit.
i'm gonna miss you, ladies!
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Friday, April 24, 2009

you could probably make a unicorn

so i haven't slept since 1pm yesterday. not because i couldn't, but because my body just didn't want me too.
anyway, around 6 this morning i decided to dress up all frilly and go for a walk in the sunny morning frost to the little horse barn down the street. 

i think i fell in love. with a horse, anyway.

this little guy stuck with me for half an hour while i took picture after picture with him as my muse. not too many great outfit shots but at least i got some that showed off my new man quite nicely. enjoy!

my new boyfriend

yumi dress, h&m flower hair pin, d.i.y cardigan

one night to be confused

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

music is on my mind

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p.s. anyone know how to let blogspot upload even bigger images? they always get scaled down, no matter what options i press. blah!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

rodarte fall 2009

by request, i've been asked to draw your attention to these glorious, magnificent, bank-busting, shoe creations.
rodarte's fall 2009 collection features all the models in thigh-high leather boots. they probably only look good if you don't eat for 7 months, but so. totally. worth it. in fact, they are so great that my roommate just told me: "i would almost kill you for those boots". 

well, thank you. i would almost kill you too for them.

also, new issue of nylon is out but i can't freaking find it anywhere!


my imagination is temporarily broken. please check back later.

till then, i'll leave you with this, to remind you all of sunny weather and warm days: 

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

the betsey necklace

a few days ago, i posted a picture of a beautiful betsey johnson necklace that i was going to try and re-create.
then, i posted pictures of the world's saddest attempt at said necklace.

well, i spent 3 hours last night trying again and i think i finally got something i'm happy with! its not even close to what BJ's looks like, but its much more wearable for everyday. yea yea! let me know what you think.



'scuse me while i tie my shoe

guess? silk dress, lucca jacket, american apparel tights, aldo shoes, blonde studded bracelet

this is what i wore to the graduating gallery exhibit at my university. camera caught me at a bad time, but its the only picture i have. 
maybe one day i should move those paintings off my floor...

also, look what i bought today! there almost so ugly, they become freaking rad. too bad you can't see it in the picture but they're light pink with white polka dots. oh dear.

pop sunglasses

Saturday, April 18, 2009

finding nemo

holy, necklace binge!
here's my lastest creation.


Friday, April 17, 2009

pretty in plumage

just last night i posted a link to Bona Drag, a super stellar website with beautiful little treasure. anyway, i stumbled upon this outrageously gorgeous peacock feather necklace (here), and had to try making my own. obviously, mine is much simpler, with smaller feathers and a more layered effect, but i'm still pretty stoked with the results!

no glove, no love

when Louis Vuitton first unveiled their patent leather fingerless driving gloves for their spring 2009 collection back in august of last year, i just about fell over in excitement. too bad the price point for these puppies start at around $400/usd. 
looks like i'm on the hunt for some sort of glorious knock-off, or at least an equally beautiful candy-colored patent leather dream that i can make to look like an LV wannabe. 

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

hey there, stud

so, i saw this awesome post on the Free People Blog  awhile back about some studded ballet slippers they had found on an awesome website, Bona Drag.

anyway, i thought i'd give it a try and ending up loving the results. studding anything is easier than buttering toast, so please, please give it a try if dig this look.

i think next on the agenda is a pair of studded leather gloves in bright colors for spring. so stoked!


well, i just finished the necklace from the post below...not really sure how i feel about it. it's totally not what i had in mind and i just dont really dig the way it hangs when its on, but maybe i'll learn to love it. if not, i guess i'll just try again!

betsey babe

betsey johnson tea party necklace that makes me swoon but can't afford.

i've been looking for a picture of this Betsey Johnson Tea Party Necklace for forever. turns out, google is my friend.
anyway, i went to the thrift store this past weekend and grabbed some sweet, sweet '80's necklaces and earrings to de-construct and re-construct into a totally awesome necklace with the same tasty flavor as this one.

pictures to come! wish me luck!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

she's going the distance

i'm about 12 years behind on this one, but just thought i'd share my newest musical discovery. can't stop listening to "the distance" by cake. it's about as hardcore as i get on this easter holiday. enjoy it, ladies.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

camilla akrans

this isn't the first time i've featured photographs by the lovely camilla akrans, and it certainly won't be the last. the photos on top were shot for Japanese Vogue, and the bottom two are just a couple of many shot for the New York Times. 
everything about them floors me, from the faded colours to the high-fashion poses and outfits. 

can't. get. enough.

ohmigod, shoes.

sorry for the lame lack of updates. i swear, i get so lazy in the sunshine heat that it would put a sloth to shame. anyway, here's an awesome pair of Aldo shoes i picked up on my last trip back to my hometown, Toronto. 
they are super comfy, and pretty much go with everything! so far my favorite place to wear them is walking along the boardwalk at the beach with a silky dress. 

Friday, April 3, 2009

gossip girl

okay, so here's a confession:

i may have a secret obsession with gossip girl. call it what you want- i still love it. i've been really good at keeping it under wraps until i saw this months cover of Rolling Stone magazine. How freakin' cute are these two ladies? and the picture of the pillow fight is just too much fun.

i'll always be 12 at heart, i think.

you know you love me.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

nylon: april

pure bliss

cropped tops and high shorts? 
modest mice beware: the '90's are back. 

also, i need these turquoise bloomer shorts by Zac Posen (page 187)

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