Wednesday, May 6, 2009

love fest

well, kids, i couldn't sleep without posting this. 

it's pretty hard to start up a blog, especially a fashionable one. before i started gunbarrel, i read and read and read countless blogs and i quickly learned how to pick out some of the best. 
i know it's really hard to get a solid number of readers and, if you're anything like me, nothing makes your day happier than seeing that somebody commented on what you have to say.

since i know how tough it is to direct readers to your carefully crafted pages, i've been messaging the owners of some of my favorite blogs, asking if i can put a link up to their sites. i want everyone to see what kind of beautiful work these people do and i want they're time and efforts to be appreciated.

anyway, the lovely lauren over at i like to play dress-up, not only let me link to her blog, but even highlighted me on her page. so, to return the favor (and because everyone actually should check out what she has to say), i'm highlighting her blog this week, and i'll be highlighting my favorites every wednesday from now on. 

so, everyone say a big hello to the first "blog of the week" post! 


  1. the link doesn't work...

  2. hmm you're right. the link should work but its super slow on my computer. but, you can also click on the link on the left side of this page and it'll take you right to her site.


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