Friday, May 29, 2009

here, my dear, this is where we'll shake the nightmare free

i realized today that i don't really smile in any of the pictures that i post on here. its too bad because i really am a pretty happy person. in fact, i have a hard time taking myself seriously. i love to play with fashion and these melancholy faces never show that. oh well, i'll try and be more chipper and sparkly in the next ones!!

hope you all had a lovely day. i spend mine boiling at the beach for the third day in a row (and have wicked sunburn lines to prove it. sexy). anyway, then i went shopping for work clothes for my new job which i start on monday, yea yea!
do you know how hard it is to spend good money on boring, boring white blouses and black skirts when there are hundreds of bright, summery dresses practically screaming at me? 
almost impossible.

love you all. xx

wild hearts satin flower-print bra, fabricland eyelet fabric draped as a skirt

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