Saturday, May 16, 2009

have you ever?

they say that when you miss someone, you keep thinking you see them everywhere you go.
your heart stops.

and for that split second, that person is right beside you and your world is okay again. 

and then they walk away
and you realize...

that it was all just in your head.

it's been happening to me all day.

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  1. i know, i miss you too. lol.

  2. Instead of uploading them on to blogger I just right click the image, go to view image or to properties, and copy&past the .jpg address and upload that onto blogger. They come out bigger that way. Hopefully I described that ok and you get what I'm saying, haha.

    PS I like that dress.

  3. thanks lauren! ugh i know. i want that dress so bad.


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