Wednesday, June 3, 2009

glitter safari

this is the last of the photo shoot pics! im sure we'll be doing another one soon though (any excuse to go buy more clothing).

just started my new job at starbucks. second day of training, which means that i can now effectively mop in 19 steps (totally wish i was kidding. there are actually 19 steps..with diagrams. fml). anyway, i'll try and make as many posts as possible but i'll definately have less time on my hands though. don't give up on me cause i'll do my best!

love you all like the summertime heat,
xx hayley


H&M black tutu and lavender layered tutu, Max Studio sparkle sequin tank, Diana+ lomography camera (worn around neck)


  1. I have a Diana too! I haven't really had the chance to take pictures with it yet. You should post some of your shots on here!

    And your comment on my last entry made me laugh.

  2. cool hair! i love how you braid it, and of course that diana camera :D

  3. those photos are lovely!



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