Tuesday, June 9, 2009


woo hoo!!!

i love free things, and i love giving away free things to free people, and nobody is more deserving than my readers. you ladies are beyond awesome!

i'm stealing little gracie's contest rules (because i'm too unimaginative right now to think of my own) but here's how it works: 

1) to be eligible, you MUST be a follower of mine. if you are not, click the handy button on the top of this page that says "follow this blog"

2) start commenting on any post after, and including this one!!! the more you comment, the more entries you get into the raffle. ex. if you make 6 comments, you get 6 entries. 
simple simple.

3) winner will be drawn at random on Tuesday, June 16th 
(ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!!! yea yea!)

but wait, what the HECK are you entering to win??????

WELL, the winner will receive this entirely handmade and one-of-a-kind peacock feather necklace from my jewelry collection, vin.tage. since it's all crafted by my pink-painted fingers, it carries a pretty hefty retail value, so it would probably be way more awesome to win it instead.

good luck to all of you! 
love love love and cupcakes and stuff,
hayley xx

p.s. so, the picture is a little misleading. the small feather (on the very left) actually hangs down the wearer's back (way cooler). the feathers are really ruffly and light in the wind and look sa-weeeet when walking down the boardwalk!


  1. i so want to win that necklace...great idea

  2. Good god! If I don't win this, I feel a DIY coming on.

    I'm touched that were inspired to do this by little ol'me. You are such a gem.

    Love Grace.


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