Saturday, June 13, 2009

...and the hazy sea


these smiley-face pictures don't really fit with my mood. i've actually been feeling very uninspired these days. i guess i just have a lot on my mind. things get scary when you have to worry about real-life problems. 

anyway, it is hard to be feeling burdened with life when you live where i do. i'm surrounded by huge, beautiful lakes and mountains and it makes it hard to feel like your problems actually matter, but everything will be okay. it has to be. 

enough for now.

pop eyewear fakeout ray-bans, zumfreed hot-pink headphones, f21 watercolour satin corset top, american eagle sailor denim, aldo flats (not shown)


  1. thanks babe! it was super cheap, which is what i love about it lol

  2. Oh snap, that corset is gorgeous. I'll have to pay more attention when i visit F21!


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