Saturday, December 26, 2009

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hello snowflakes!

so get this:
i go into my local consignment store with a good friend of mine. he was looking for an ugly sweater to wear to an ugly sweater christmas party. while in the changing room, i was half-heartedly perusing the tiny ladies section, when i feasted my eyes on this.

white. eyelet. stretchy. grandma. retro. PERFECT in all it's poofy-sleeved perfection.

so i take it up to the counter and the lovely old woman told me it was going to be $3.00. Now, i'm not an experienced consignment shopper so my jaw dropped at such a low price. The poor woman must have misunderstood by shock and awe and she was quick to say:

"i'll let you have it for $1.50"

a dollar. and fifty cents.
you can hardly get a decent cup of coffee for that price. needless to say, i've worn it almost everyday this week.

love, hayley xx

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grandma sweater, chez thrift ($1.50)

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  1. That sweater is like a little slice of heaven - so perfect for "walking in a winter wonderland." I can't belive you paid less than two dollars for it. Love!! :)

  2. Its funny the power of a little silent pause. People are so quick to fill them. Congrats, great purchase. And I'm glad you are posting again!

    Love Grace.

  3. I love these photos. I want to experiment more with my flash on pictures like these.

  4. What a brilliant find! Thank you for commenting on my recent blog post :)

  5. Great find! I can't explain why, but I prefer the poofy sleeves of the past.

    Hope you find your camera!


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