Sunday, August 22, 2010

kissing zebras and dreaming wolves


boyfriend and i went to the zoo last weekend!
they had almost every animal and they were all so friendly. a bunch of them came up to the fence and let us scratch they're heads- so, so great!

sometimes i worry about animals kept in zoos but the layout was perfect: the animals were close enough together that walking wasn't a problem. It was a beautiful setting and habitat for these creatures.

i've been wearing this shirt from urban outfitters almost everyday since i bought it. i love the poofy sleeves and the sailor stripes! it matches nicely with my high-waisted shorts and pocket-watch necklace.
now i'm off to figure out how to shop for free, without stealing anything.
there must be a way?!?!






urban outfitters sailor-sleeve shirt, insight high-waisted denim shorts, ebay pocket watch necklace

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