Monday, July 20, 2009


obviously i'm so flippin' rad that you all should want to know ten entirely useless facts about myself. the darling gracie over at squarectomy tagged me, so read on, friends.

one!- i love rapping. like, for serious. throw me eminem's most tongue-busting rhymes and i will spend however long it takes to master it...white gurrl, style.

two!- i hate tomatoes, but i'll put ketchup on anything. anything.

three!- one time last year, i fell in love with a really expensive coat, so i didn't buy groceries for two weeks so that i could buy it. i'm pretty sure that i spend so much money on clothes, i'm going to end up homeless, but at least i'll be livin' on the streets in killer shoes.

four!- i'm so accident-prone, it's almost a skill.

five!- old people holding hands actually is the cutest thing ever.

six!- roadtrips over the mountains on sunny days with good music and good friends is makes me feel so happy and alive.

seven!-  i once said the word seven so many times that it lost all meaning and sounded really weird. now i don't really like it.

eight!- last week, i stepped on a spider by accident and apologized to it because i felt so horrible for it's untimely death.

nine!- i like music that most people think is depressing or sad. i just think it's mellow and comforting.

ten!- i'm so afraid of ladders. if i climb too high on one, i'll freeze up and i can't really move which is kind of tricky when trying to get back down.

i'll get my fashion on soon, i promise.
love you all.


  1. Aw this is cute, I like the idea and It'll give me something to blog about! Yay!

  2. This was fun to read teehee.
    Love your blog, btw. Will def follow.


  3. oh thankyou! i like your facts :)

  4. Hhaha I remember the no grocery thing. Also I love it when you rap. Cause you're fly.


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